Maha Shivaratri, Shravan -


During the month of Shravan, devotees worship Lord Shiva. Praying to Him during this time pleases Him very much. All days of this Shravan month are considered very prosperous.

On the month long occasion of Shravan Maas,  here's a look at 108 names Lord Shiva is known by, and their meanings:

1. Shiva: always pure
2. Maheshwara: lord of gods
3. Shambhu: one who bestows prosperity
4. Pinakin: one who has a bow in his hand
5. Shashi Shekhara: the god who wears the crescent moon in his hair
6. Vamadeva: the god who is pleasing and auspicious in every way
7. Virupaksha: lord shiva with oblique eyes
8. Kapardi: the lord with thickly matted hair
9. Nilalohita: the one with red and blue colour
10. Shankara: one who gives happiness and prosperity
11. Shulapani: the one who carries a trident
12. Khatvangi: the god who carries a knurled club (khatvanga)
13. Vishnuvallabha: the one who is dear to lord vishnu
14. Shipivishta: the lord whose form emits great rays of light
15. Ambikanatha: consort of ambika (parvati)
16. Shrikantha: of glorious neck
17. Bhaktavatsala: the one who is favourably inclined towards his devotees
18. Bhava: the god who is existence itself
19. Sharva: remover of all troubles
20. Trilokesha: the lord of all the three worlds
21. Shitikantha: the lord who has white neck
22. Shivapriya: beloved of parvati
23. Ugra: the one who has extremely fierce nature
24. Kapali: one who wears a necklace of skulls
25. Kamari: enemy of kamadeva
26. Andhakasura sudana: the lord who killed the asura andhaka
27. Gangadhara: the god who holds the ganges river in his hair
28. Lalataksha: one who has an eye in the forehead
29. Kalakala: he is the death of death
30. Kripanidhi: the god who is the treasure of compassion
31. Bheema: the one who has fearful form
32. Parshuhasta: the god who holds axe in hands
33. Mrigpaani: the god who possess deer in hands
34. Jattadhar: the god who keeps tress (jata)
35. Kailashavasi: native of kailasha
36. Kawachi: the god who possess armour
37. Kathor: the god who has a strong body
38. Tripurantak : the god who killed tripurasura
39. Vrishanka: the god who has a flag with a symbol of bull
40. Vrishbharudh: the one who rides bull
41. Bhasmodhulitavigrah: the one who applies ashes all over the body
42. Samapriya: the one who loves with equality
43. Swaramayi: the god who lives in all seven notes
44. Trayimurti: the one who possess veda form
45. Anishvara: the one who does not have any lord
46. Sarvagya: the one who knows everything
47. Paramatma: everyone's own soul
48. Somasuryaagnilochana: the one who has eyes in the form of sun, moon and fire
49. Havi: he who is wealthy in the form of ahuti
50. Yagyamaya: the architect of all sacrificial rites
51. Soma: the one who includes the form of uma
52. Panchavaktra: god of the five activities
53. Sadashiva: the one who is eternally auspicious
54. Vishveshwara: lord of the universe
55. Veerabhadra: who is violent , yet peaceful
56. Gananatha: god of the ganas
57. Prajapati: the one who is the creator of dynasty
58. Hiranyareta: the one who emanates golden souls
59. Durdharsha: the one who is unconquerable
60. Girisha: lord of mountains
61. Girisha: the god who sleeps on kailash mountain
62. Anagha: he who is pure
63. Bujangabhushana: lord adorned with golden snakes
64. Bharga: lord who ends all sins
65. Giridhanva: god whose weapon is a mountain
66. Giripriya: lord who is fond of mountains
67. Krittivasaa: god who wears clothes of elephant skin
68. Purarati: destroyer of town or "pur" named enemy
69. Bhagwaan: god of prosperity
70. Pramathadhipa: god who is served by goblins
71. Mrityunjaya: victor of death
72. Sukshamatanu: god who has a subtle body
73. Jagadvyapi: god who lives in the world
74. Jagadguru: guru of all the worlds
75. Vyomakesha: whose hair spreads in the sky
76. Mahasenajanaka: father of kartikya
77. Charuvikrama: the guardian of wandering pilgrims
78. Rudra: the one who gets sad by the pain of devotees
79. Bhootapati: lord of panchabhoota or bhootapreta
80. Sthanu: firm and immovable deity
81. Ahirbhudhanya: the one who possess kundalini
82. Digambara: the god whose robes is the cosmos
83. Ashtamurti: lord who has eight forms
84. Anekatma: the god who possess many forms
85. Satvika: lord of boundless energy
86. Shuddhavigraha: lord of pure soul
87. Shashvata: lord who is eternal and endless
88. Khandaparshu: lord who wears broken axe
89. Aja: the one who is boundless
90. Pashvimochana: lord who releases all fetters
91. Mrida: the lord who shows only mercy
92. Pashupati: lord of animals
93. Deva: lord of devas
94. Mahadeva: greatest of the gods
95. Avayaya: the one who never subject to change
96. Hari: same as lord vishnu
97. Bhagnetrabhid: the lord who damaged bhaga's eye
98. Avayayat: shiva who is unseen
99. Dakshadhwarahara: destroyer of daksha's conceited sacrifice (yagya)
100. Har: the lord who dissolves all bondage and sins
101. Pushadantabhit: one who punished pushan
102. Avyagra: lord who is steady and unwavering
103. Sahsraksha: one who has limitless forms
104. Sahasrapada: the lord who is standing and walking everywhere
105. Apavargaprada: lord who gives and takes all things
106. Ananta: the one who is unending
107. Taraka: the lord who is great liberator of mankind
108. Parameshwara: the great god