Shraddh: Puja for the Departed Soul

Shraddh Puja -

Shraddh: Puja for the Departed Soul

What is Shraddh?

Shraddh is a ritual held in memory of a deceased ancestor, particularly parents. The dead's spirits are meant to get nourishment, protection, and assistance while they make their way from the lower to the higher realms before being reborn and making a second appearance on Earth.

When is Shraddh in 2022?

Pitru Paksha refers to the full moon period between Bhadrapada and Pratipada of Krishna Paksha in Ashwin month from Amavasya. Pitru Paksha will commence in the year 2022 from September 10 (Saturday) and continue until September 25. (Sunday).

The 16-day lunar period known sometimes referred to as the ancestors' fortnight, is observed by the Hindu population in western and southern India after Ganesh Utsav.

Details Required for Shraddh Puja

  • Your Name, Parent’s Name, and Gotra
  • The full name of the person you wish to do Shraddh Puja for, as well as your relationship to them.
  • Tithi/Date of death of the deceased

How to do Shraddh Puja

  • Get up early, and bathe.
  • Wearing a dhoti and an angavastra, do Sandhyavandanam and then Madhyanam.
  • Then, take another bath. Face the East while sitting in a clean dhoti and angavastra.
  • To carry out the ceremonies, use a pancha patra made of brass, copper, or silver. Glass, steel, iron, and plastic should not be used.
  • Perform the Achaman to start the rituals (take water from the pancha patra and put it on your palm and drink it.)
  • Do Angavandanam next (worship the deities by touching the various parts of the body like ears, nose, eyes, neck, shoulders etc).
  • Practice the Ganapati Dhyanam (invoke Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings)
  • Implement the pranayama.
  • Then do Sankalpam.
  • Avahanam: Present water
  • Asanam: Provide a seat
  • The Rik Mantras are then chanted.
  • Offer prayers to the three generations of your family who have passed away in the past. Offer an apology for any errors you may have made in the past and ask for their blessing.
  • Pay respects to the great sages during the Brahma Yagya (rishi munis and the learned men of the past).


What Puja Samagri items would I need to perform Shraddh puja?

  • Asanam (seat)
  • Pancha Patra (copper, brass, or silver)
  • Black sesame seeds
  • Akshat
  • Kusha grass
  • Pavitram (Kusha grass ring)

What items can I cook in Shraddh?

During Shraddh or Pitru Paksha, special Satvik Bhojan is cooked and offered to the priesthood Brahmins; it is thought that whatever is given to them reaches our forefathers.

  • Pudina Rice
  • Dal Palak aka Shorba
  • Guar ki Phali
  • Bajre ki Khichdi
  • Sharife ki Kheer
  • Kaddu ki Sabzi and Poori
  • Palak Bhurji

Benefits of performing Shraddh Puja

When the Shraddh Puja is performed, it not only delivers amazing blessings to the native's life but also brings serenity and happiness to his or her ancestors.

  • It strengthens a person's spiritual aura, which shields them from harmful forces and bestows harmony and peace upon them.
  • It grants the natives stability in terms of their bodily and emotional well-being as well as financial wealth.
  • While it is advised that no purchases be made during the Shraddh, those who conduct the Shraddh Puja are blessed with riches in real estate and automobiles.
  • Shraddh Puja eliminates the malefic negative effects of particular planets from the native's horoscope's business house, which leads to consistent increases in company wealth.
  • Shraddh Puja is crucial in calming the negative effects of an unfavourable Jupiter placement in a person's horoscope and bestows greater education and job achievement on the native.
  • According to legend, the native receives the blessings of his or her ancestors together with the blessings of departed souls after Shraddh Puja.
  • One of the most effective treatments for someone who has Pitra Dosh in their Kundli is Shraddh Puja.

From everyone at India Sajawat & Puja Hut Let's say a prayer for our ancestors and wish them happiness and peace wherever they may be.